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What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

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Please see our ToR, ‘Terms of Reviews’ This includes everything about reviews and merchant or vendor services.

Since we really recognize the value of your honest reviews. (your content) We refer to reviews as content and we refer to platforms that charge large amounts of money to merchants, whatever the nature of business, product and service

Many of us may not yet understand the value of reviews! I am not only referring to the examples below. When referring to your content I refer to your personal details and all your content that has been sold and manipulated and re-sold. Unlike selling your TV or used vehicle your content especially your photos, your shopping habits or vacation photos. Every time you turn on any device connected to the internet. You do not even need to visit Facebook, as an example simply used as its recognized. Someone is not only getting wealthy but putting you in harms way. The personal risk. They may not be putting you at risk intentionally at the same time its known to them but profit often takes risk. The question is if you & I are at risk why do others get the reward! If truth be told and using Facebook as an example as it best describes these facts. Think of the value of all that content they should be paying you! Most of us believe its free. Not only your time and energy in writing a review even if its one word. example if any restaurant, hotel, gas station. It may even be product and service reviews of our continents largest corporations. Employment reviews, legal firms as no one not the SPCA or your CA is above reviews. Remember for any review to be taken seriously is also at risky. Once your personal details are attached & they are always attached for the average computer user. But what if you visit a hotel and that same friendly & professional proprietor does not like the truth! I am not referring to the emotional outburst review’s. The unhappy overnight guest moaning about not having hot water. Those reviews are expected but also necessary. But would you honestly using your own name make vicious claims, criminal claims against the establishment and the proprietor if they were not true? We will also discuss why we believe platforms that charge their merchants monthly or annually are literally no better than the Car Magazine who charges for advertising.

Paid advertising and reviews the same thing! How can this be possible. Simply, if you paid for adverting… I mean big expensive and glossy pages in Style Magazine, millions of readers. Double pages like the Polo Shirt advert with the good looking Polo player … the Rolex watch adverts etc.

If you pay for advertising you expect an advert. If all the reviews were bad how much would you pay? Many review platforms charge hundreds of USD per month. Some can charge larger companies thousands of USD per month.

The claim the cost is due to being decentralized or Block chain technology when all that means is someone has to login to post a review.

If that was true why are so many review platforms start-ups? It must be profitable just like advertising was when new media platforms became available. Think wireless, TV even magazines and newspapers were taken and believed to be true articles. The concept had not been around for long but over the next few years whats what happens to paid review platforms.

The Marketplace is owned by its members and vendors and as such we would never share or sell our owners details.

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