SACANEX, ‘SA Cannabis Exchange‘ or (Dagga-Exchange) SA Cannabis (Coop.) The Dagga-Coop.

Welcome to what I believe will prove the be the most exciting and successful ‘Economic Empowerment’ project ever attempted. Before I continue, let me say that with recent events the pandemic, the Gupta’s the Vodacom deal some years back among other non-profit or governments attempts to assist a group of farmers making available ZAR 100 million rand and having the entire amount ‘stolen’ from these hungry people to pay for a family to have one wedding, give or take one or two apartments in Dubai title happened to go to someone who could never afford it but happened to be related to the then President of South Africa. I am told the amounts literally stolen from the poorest South Africans was not only these ZAR 100 million rand but added up to ZAR 1 Trillion rand that got legs and now belongs to a family who are not even South African citizens, the other few hundred million may be offshore a piggy-bank for the same ex President, this while millions of human beings are starving. So if the top is rotten and we have no marines to simply make a quick trip to Dibail set a rat trap and bring the money back what message are we giving to the citizens of this country. I guess if you want money go into politics and make certain you steal a lot of money as if you only owe the bank ZAR 100 000.00 that you saved a deposit to purchase a free hold property for your family what is the point, one payment missed its taken away. That is what we telling millions of South Africans most of them-cannot use a smart phone have no interest of electricity but out of loyalty still follow and vote for the people responsible, not responsible in a symbolic way but the very same individual who handed themselves and these other non South Africans ZAR 1 Trillion rand. Powerless we watch as those who starve vote for the same indivial. If this was any other democracy with an army the missing 3 would bne gotten in a flash and the monies stolen frozen returned with jail cells ready for their returnee. Unfortunately, this cannot take place as the ex President and family, only my guess and opinion plus a few others from the ruling class would be found out. So instead of bringing the trillion rand home those in power may be protecting them how is that possible if power does not reside with the responsible individual. More about that later.

This is not some marketing nonsense and I hope you take the time, just to read a few lines! Why would reading a few sentences make any difference?

The answer is very simple. For example if this was another scheme to empower a handful of people instead of a genuine broad-based grass-roots empowerment project that is desperately needed now more than ever. It was and has been urgent and important (life and death) for years but without judging it seems to me that whenever there is a power struggle be it violent or non-violent the results are always the same. Well over 90% of the attempts to empower those who had no power result in simply a number of huge financial assets moving around resulting in a handful of investment bankers who were part and parcel of the old regime pocketring hundreds of million of rand and maybe a few politicians, who had been oppressed for many years pocketing the rest. In all honestly who of us could deny ourselves when billions are literally in front of us. grammar would be

group of companies Organization undertaken. exciting empowerment project in the history Cannabis Endeavor Industry BEE/CEE ‘Black Economic Empowerment’ / ‘Cannabis Economic Empowerment’ Firstly this is only the 1st stage of development. In other words The Marketplace See: Marketplace (Coop.) Groups

Important message.

I am sure you would agree. Not every business operate within the law at all times. Companies may take short-cuts, embezzle (steal) $10.00 from petty cash or $10 billion from employees pension funds. I honestly believe the handful of criminals caught for breaking into a house and steeling a TV or some clothing does not measure up in fact if the guy who stole your motor vehicle measured 7-8 out of 10, these good of boys measure 1 000 000. out of 10. Take Apartheid and compare it to big pharmaceutical companies with probably the most professional sales system all the way down to the high healed ‘young lady’ who you find in the waiting room of the middle aged or even way past middle aged GP. who has just been through an ugly divorce. What about if I told you the doctor was targeted the sales manager have sources so in the Monday sales meeting the sharp manager allows ‘Pussy Galore’ a twenty something who dresses for the occasion. You can spot them a mile away and its not only due to the fact she does not seem to have any medical symptoms in a waiting room of five people sniffing and moaning in pain. If by chance the young lady had a medical condition besides having a high temperature we assume as she is literally wearing a bikini, always bright red and lots of makeup. What is the poor doctor to do when she arrives with free drugs and borderline personality disorder. Free vacations who knows if she hits her target she may even agree to join him.

temperature one assumes as she is almost naked, its the heat. Seriously, she must reach her quota, not too hard for the young lady who often seems out of place not just due to her bikini, often the accent also does not ‘fit-in’ with the majority of patience.

and after working for a number of years managed to cheat excuse the pun his children’s mother out of most level of criminality in business. Just cause their bespoke suite is manufactured with super wool and cost more than you and I earn in 3 years goes long way in their defense. sometimes they get caught but lets assume for every one caught cheating, cutting corners or embezzling funds thousands if not millions do not get caught within a large company that provides employment for many people it is often filed away and buried or put through a document destroyer the justifications can be bizarre to pathetic as usually it is not only the one individual with gold in their pocket or gravy but a handful adn that would be unacceptable for many job’s to be lost for playing are operates within the law. Some types of endeavor for example big media have basically followed the profit purpose and that often mean the objective justifies the means. I speak of making up the rules, terms and conditions as they happen. ends justify like practice is legal. is 100% , legal does not mean ethical, take some practices of big business. Not that all their business practices and or cannabis can be fatal. Legal does not mean harmless!Smoking tobacco, including cannabis may have been legalized in your country but like

There is no magic pill. Cannabis, unfortunately, is not a magic pill.

I must mention not in order to comply with any condition or request but share this truth with my reader. This conclusion is open and the full story will be printed publisher no matter the findings. From multiple patients and from personal experience (Professionally Monitored)

Cannabis use even in moderation may stunt and or limit brain function.

Often THC can cause a euphoric feeling this can be together with a short lasting ‘rush of ideas’ one’s perception may trigger a chemical break the belief of increased creativity or worse the feeling that you suddenly understand/grasp creation and or even God.

There is not a likely explanation besides the obvious too much current. We have the power cable and the globe, too much weed (power) will blow the globe.

What makes it so exciting?

Exciting may not be the best description. How about the opportunity of a lifetime.

What is the catch? Media an Marketing Channel.

Welcome to the most exciting Media an Marketing Channel.

The Marketplace (Coop.) Subsidiaries.

Just to mention a few of the companies and brand already-owned by The Marketplace or saying it another way your equity in the Marketplace means you and I own all subsidiaries or affiliates of the Coop. Durban Poison Worldwide a brand worth billions even if you never see it the brand if they make a profit that is filtered back in dividends to the holding Marketplace Coop.

the billion dollar brand like the great investors have fingers in every pie.

I am not paying to own a website that is not even operational. That has not earned any revenue. This must be a real fool trying to sell a piece of paper that is not even worth the page its written on. Who ever told you money does not grow …

This page will serve as an introduction to Marketplace-Gratis or Bazaar-Gratis, we chose both names as a symbolic formation of cooperation and finally to launch The Marketplace Cooperative we hope it portrays our belief that we can, if working together change the pattern of the past when it comes to economic empowerment and wealth creation. In our attempt to provide a sense of being that rises above the unknown, the fear of trusting humans that may have minir or suferficial differences as it was know by traders and travelers hundreds of years ago. The realization that total strangers across the known world may have lived it a time when depending on were you were born, the country you happen to be born in your parents and or family you were born into and how much money ‘your’ family had were often the deciding factor of who you believed you where. Perhaps these ‘lottery’ or throw of a dice that you had no control over and today is being seen as our superficial differences literally created and controlled your destiny. Maybe tens of thousands of years ago this was a matter of life and death. In other words like the animistic or the very small less intelligent part of the brain say if a tiger tried to you the adrenaline the emotions of fear controlled your fight or flight response. My point is it may very well have been a matter of survival, the times these mechanisms or animal like responses are still fully charged and in our modern world leaves us weaker and more vulnerable always alert like a house cat. Ready to run or fight for its life as that is the typical conditions in we had to survive. It took thousands of years for us as a species to begin settling down as the benefits far outweighed the daily struggle to forage. This transformed our species while before most of our waking hours spent searching for food and shelter suddenly we realized that by working together even on the hunt with our number and brains working together we may have worked out a way to trick the food source instead of taking 5 days to track a large edible prehistoric cow as a team working with other tribes we could force the enire herd in a certain direction that we knew the only estate was 100 foot drop down a mountain. Thus we had food for weeks or months in turn we could spend more time making clothes or tools. Eventually some tens of thousands of years later we have learned to work so smartly we have time to travel for pleasure. Something that was at the time totally bizarre.

Getting back to the point I was trying to make. I am not trying to say anything to offend anyone. The traders we spoke of groups of travelers now began to really travel and trade. While religion was claimed to be like music is today to be the way to travel thousands of miles and instead of killing the stranger all he needed to do was mention Jesus or Mohammed and if the stranger was lucky enough to walk in the right direction he could be accepted and trusted unlike the North men who for obvious reasons or slet me say they had different gods so anyone feeling strong or angry had a great reason to kill them and take all their possessions etc. The traders found that while one group or believers would in great crowd style claim the rain stopped as the Christian God was angry allowing pagans or whatever. It turned out to do the opposite of unite us or put another way religion may cary deep loyatly and purpose but the other 75% thought if they walked into anothere house of workship they will be struck down. They would never value the cross it was like someasking you togo against everything that you thinks is you.

However if or when powerful gold and silver coins became accessible now all religions as long as they trusted the King or Emperor even if it was Roman they were being killed by the Romans they would still trust selfish the value as payment with Jesus and the Roman Emperor their arch rivals but it would be their gold coin used and trusted in any country or village. Portable wealth or gold was until-our post modern paper money what could break down and penetrate the deepest something 2 strangers with completely different Gods could unite.

that unless we have been taught that that , customs and therefore beliefs chance one hand to both our serves as an introduction to the proven business model that to my knowledge has been the most successful BEE, in South African history. I use local examples as I am familiar with them. Its common knowledge as history repeats itself simply put we are all the same. When one group, tribe or religious group for whatever reason but usually in countries we have economic power remain in the hands of the ruling class. South Africa

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The Marketplace and Bazaar-Gratis.

Do not allow years of work that continually provide earnings for big media. Own your own Marketplace & Bazaar. Decentralized by incorporation. Your 0.01% or 0.1% of the marketplace’s equity carries no special payments or punitive actions. Your business will instantly benefit from the huge economies of scale just from being part owner you can purchase any product or service from any company. A new vehicle or raw material making real savings simply put your company no longer buys 3 new vehicles per year but *1000 based on our data with the said number of shareholders. Get all the benefits just like you were a Fortune 500 company. Its 100% legal. That is not all but just the beginning. Read about the South African Coop. founded in 1918 its name KWV. If you serous do your homework and you will realize the potential. We have used growth rates based on The KWV since it was founded by about 600-1000 farmers without specialized business education. While their individual business grew and their income increased by about 500% on average within 24 months. Within a few years their equity shared in the KWV behaved like a leading tech-firm. United they went global plus began winning all the competitions for their unique new world wines and spirits. While this study was based in South Africa. However, there are success stories in India going back hundreds of years. Obviously, we have other reasons for taking this cooperation and we believe it makes no difference anymore were you are based. Not forgetting you now own the media platform your content is safe. No other individual or company have more power when or if you decide to vote and get involved. You will probably agree once you listen to the business professionals with global experience, that hiring at least the primary managers and directors will enable you and I to experience appreciation beyond our wildest dreams. Note while success stories can be found worldwide there is something or a number of reasons, we have chosen to have our HQ. In South Africa. This is not the tax advantages nearby alone. We have government backing. BEE and CEE (Economic Empowerment) Unlike many empowerment schemes that have primarily or only made a handful of billionaires that harms the majority-of South Africans. This is the real deal every single member/vendor will experience real economic empowerment. You want to know what the catch is the cost the trick. This is genuine but unfortunately to find this type of growth in any other country is virtually impossible. Do not misunderstand. While this model is at least 2-300 years old like everything else it’s been done everything has been done you can do the same thing in almost any country. You should ask again what is the fuss? Many other countries have great potential. San-Diego or Jamaica. Listen it’s an old business plan/model the reason it will work no matter your location besides the fact we have the internet and we are not farming that has all been done before. Farming, community, banks technology whatever industry it’s like an LLC. If you make boats or sell caravans, it’s an LLC. A type of company. You know I am playing with you. I cannot write my grammar is terrible but cannot help myself. I have already given the secret away. The KWV BEE, Boer Economic Empowerment’ make of that as you like. Learn about BEE in South Africa, not in 1918 but the last few years and now as we speak. If you study the government websites. Like all governments maybe it does not flow like Poetry sorry WordPress. Seriously, the effects I refer to economic effects. We have a lot of content regarding the horrors and victims of Apartheid. Something all human beings or at least all animals that speak should study. You do not know it all. Every-time I visit or read a new article I learn some more and its not recommended for children unless it says suitable for and the ages etc. This is not the context. Are you starting to understand the sheer scale of harm and inequality? So you starting to understand why we can provide levels of growth and appreciation that unless you are a huge crooked US Investment Bank that owes more than 100 Billion USD or you Britney Lea-man Sisters then by all means you have it go do it. So if you have the pink or yellow pigmentation you are welcome from any country or territory as long as you have no terrorist anything! and Your economy is sort of free. Not a communist. Only democracies.
Seriously the reason we have this opportunity is unlike some US farmers I assume who may receive assistance from Uncle Sam. There are no pyramid schemes or hidden payments. A basic trademark in Japan takes 8 months same mark same type of product/service etc. In SA it can take 2-5 years that is if you have zero issues. No problem a clean mark. My point is this is not Beverly Hills what’s it the DMCA. No vending machines long queues you can apply for something and after 3 days at the 1st office as it’s your turn its tea time. No serious as you were at the wrong counter anyway. Here is the catch. This is genuinely BEE ‘Black Economic Empowerment’ Are you now angry thinking you wealthy US kid can come make your fortune in Africa. Haha. You like 150 years too late the ‘Great Land Grab’ Read the book. When the European ++ Royals had a competition to see who could grab the most countries in Africa. I would not even call it a chess game. It was cousin in England competing with cousin in Spain etc. Like kids we played cowboys and Indians these kids played Ego-boys and AK-You. Not funny their afternoon game killed raped and whatever they like killed who they liked. Stole what they liked. “PAMP the fake bullion producer still rips of people from Africa and they get away with it.” Contact us about offshore and the tax benefits.
1) Before you think what a prick and waste of time. I would not do that. I have said you welcome to apply for shares. What I did not tell you but must be obvious a company cannot have an infinity of shares.
2) We will let you know once the mini IPO is competing. But believe the max. number of shares for The Marketplace-Gratis Lottery type of stuff seriously we hoped for at least 2000 members. that would be for 100% of the equity equally shared. We having the number looked at now by (It only took me 6 months) to find a guy in the US who has this the real experience found-him on angel.co viz type of industry and to keep it worthwhile do not want to own $0.0000000000000001 who cares if it appreciates. If you get me drift. OK I have embarrassed myself enough, this is very real but its possibly the best government economic empowerment opportunity ever. Check Fortune list of SA Billionaires all the recent selfish economic empowerment maybe helped one person, but he/she is now a billionaire 3x over. My point our government can find money when an investment bank wants a few hundred, 1 or 2 key politicians it’s their super idea want 2 or 3 and Obviously a few mining companies for the lucky billionaire. “Overnight magic.” Note: The 1/2 or 2-3 hundred rand is incorrect. That needs correction. Sorry I meant 2 or 3 hundred million USD. A few hundred million USD offshore for the hour’s consultation with their FNB investment banker. Government work so the government or taxpayer must pay. The Billions tax free for the billionaire. The few hundred USD for each politician. Politician comes from the Latin Ollyecomy’ slang for entrepreneur. Maybe 1, 2 or 3 I do not think 3 politicians at most 2 so they did not have to share the 400 or 600 Billion USD. Investment banker must have made 150 Million USD. whatever. That is my point read about KWV they may have been Boers but still that is economic empowerment. That is why have this opportunity. We do not get consulting fees etc. It’s very strict but unlike most government opportunities worse than Mahinda. That is such an insult to Mahindra no vehicle has even been reviewed as worse than anything that has ever drunk diesel or petrol.
Finally, the investment, sorry free investment will be available to each give the exact amount of equity that shouts. We may have to keep it to around 1000 souls. I am hoping for 2500 souls. I know the company is no longer a Coop. My point is every single member from the founding more joined that is also possible. Maybe we will get to 10 000 souls. But that I cannot guarantee as the government empowerment’s opportunities are a waste of time. This was done with Madiba. I swear I am no one it is true. It happened by chance, but it happened. The smartest man I have ever met. I would love to offer this to everyone that applies it depends on the business-people the governments final or best number and funding. At least 1000-2500 to incorporate. I was told it may be possible to increase the numbers, but no equity will be held back so the members who apply now will get 2 for the one plus a pay-out or something like that the investment banker explained. I am not that bright. All I know no one will lose anything if the shares are split within 2 years. I will give you the proposed market value for all Marketplace and subsidiaries.
I still need to answer the catch/trick for buyers around the world. First come first served unless we receive an email if correctly completed its easy and your contact details work you exist, they are yours. Exactly no charge whatsoever you get share certificates 100% free. Sorry about this I like to think color is in the past. This is not about color its about very poor hungry humans and suffering babies.
• If only 1000 souls (Not expected.) 95% 85% Victims of Apartheid) The rest worldwide.
• If only 2500 souls 80% 85% Victims of Apartheid) The rest worldwide.
• If 10 000 souls (Subject to a number of goals.) 65% 70% Victims of Apartheid) The rest worldwide.

  1. Any application not able to provide shares will be kept by accountant and online. If it works as expected so that’s fine whoever has their details listed gets the same as all other blocks and votes
  2. Even if the 1000 souls’ individual bundle is legal to sell to the public for $1 million USD. If you have applied prior to cut off date you will see you it’s you by certain details but will remain private. If it works should go at least 2000 individuals.
  3. What is the worst that can happen?
    Your shares appreciate at government guaranteed amounts unless they go higher you can only sell them after the day after you have owned them for 3 years.
    Thank You

The Marketplace is owned by its members and vendors and as such we would never share or sell our owners details.

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